Trade, Store Wealth, Keep Your Privacy! not only provides their users with the utmost privacy and protection while navigating the world wide web,
but now also offers a way to purchase additional privacy and protection using the Token while having the added
ability to store wealth in a non-government controlled crypto currency.

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About Token

Peer-to-Peer Community Driven Decentralized Cryptocurrency.

Your Privacy

Privacy and protection is important while navigating the world wide web. Protect your personal details with

Buy / Trade

Purchase, Swap or Trade your SMSCT tokens on crypto currency exchanges like Dex.Guru and ForkDelta with more coming.

Store Of Wealth

Store and protect your wealth in a non-government controlled crypto currency - SMSCT.

Buy / Sell / Trade

You can now purchase SMSCT in the Store to either fund your account to purchase your private numbers or withdraw to your wallet or exchange.

Buy / Sell / Trade SMCST tokens now at the and Exchanges.

Markets available: - SMSCT/BTC and - SMSCT/BTC, SMSCT/ETH and SMSCT/USDT.

Also on Vindax Exchange, markets available are SMSCT-BTC, SMSCT-ETH and SMSCT-USDT.

You can also trade Token - SMSCT at de-centralised exchanges such as ForkDelta:,
Ded.Guru: or swap/stake/create liquidity with SMSCT tokens at Uniswap and SushiSwap.
For a short period new registrations also have the chance to claim free SMSCT tokens, all you need is an Ethereum wallet/address to claim!

If you cannot find SMSCT listed on the exchange of your choice, add a custom token and use the contract address: 0x668f7dfb8c8d716839fa5dbea317d8723ebe6110. The SMSCT token will now be added to your available tokens.

The Timeline

January 2016 website launched and open for business.

May 2018

Crypto currency payment platform created accepting over 20 cryptos.

August 2020

Expansion into the Asian market with new routes.

July 2021

Long awaited Mobile Application Release on IOS and Andriod.

August 2021

SMSCT listed on, BTC and USDT pairs available.

Mid 2022

Payments only by SMSCT Token for services and products.

March 2017

Voice verification capabilities added to increase coverage.

June 2019

Partnership and Reseller Programs released with White Label websites.

April 2021

The ERC20 Token Launched, ticker symbol: SMSCT

May 2021

SMSCT listed on, BTC, ETH and USDT pairs available.

September 2021 Crypto Wallet to be released.

By End 2021

SMSCT Token to be available numerous exchanges and payment providers.


For more detailed information on the Token you can read our whitepaper here.

SMSCT Token Ethereum ERC20 Contract Address: 0x668f7dfb8c8d716839fa5dbea317d8723ebe6110